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Pumpkin Spice Or Plum: The Best Fall Lip Trends

Hello there, girlies! Are you also looking for the perfect lip shade to slay this Fall season?

As we step into the breezy season of spooks and scares, we must get our shopping bags out and update our lipstick collection!

Whether you’re sipping on a sweet pumpkin spice latte or walking down the street filled with crisp, fallen leaves, we’ve got the perfect list of lip shades that will make you look absolutely stunning!

Top 5 Lip Shades For Autumn

Let’s dive into the world of bold lips and sassy makeup for fall!

  • Pretty Purples

Nothing screams autumn like a nice, bold purple lip. If you love the fall season, you surely know how dark shades can uplift a look.

Dark and bold purple lips are the epitome of fall makeup and it makes you look absolutely stunning.

You can find a limitless collection of shades of purple— including burgundies and magentas— all there to make you look stunningly chic!

  • Burning Browns

Another way to call out your inner goddess is to colour your lips with some warm browns.

Shades of brown are perfect for fall as they complement the orange leaves surrounding you in a beautiful scene.

Not only that, but they can also be worn with plethoramanybinations— therefore, giving you plenty of outfit choices to pick.

  • Rocking Reds

Whatever anyone says, you can never go wrong with a bold red lip in the fall season!

It is an absolute classic that you can wear with any color combination! Donning a black outfit? A dark red lipstick works wonders to take it up a notch.

Slay your next fall look with a creamy matte bold red lipstick and become the next trendsetter!

  • Natural Nudes

Yes, dark and bold colors are the foundation of the fall color palette, but natural nudes make you stand out in the crowd!

Nothing speaks classier than a pretty, elegant nude lip. Whether you go for shades of pink or brown, nude lips are always up for the win.

  • Opulent Oranges

Last but not least— oranges match the whole vibe of the Fall season flawlessly, and you can’t deny that.

If you’re looking for something quirky and fun, then an orange lip is the best way to go.

Orange lips have been out of fashion lately but you can be the next trendsetter if you wear them right! Pair them with a bold outfit, perhaps a maroon sweater with a beige or black pair of pants, and voila!

It’s A Wrap!

Now that you’ve gone through this beautiful collection of lip shades for autumn, I bet you can never go wrong with your fall makeup.

And if you don’t already own all these shades, then girl, what are you waiting for? Grab your wallet and head out to the shop!

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